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We focus on private one-one training and semi-private group training in the following martial arts:

-Bayani Arnis, a Filipino Stickfighting and Empty Hand self-defense program for teens.
-Machado Jiujitsu, a grappling system for both teens and adults.
-Atienza Kali, an edged weapon system for adults and select teens (dependent on parental approval)

We hold our group classes in Frisco, Texas at Fit Body Lab located at 2552 Stonebrook Parkway #375 Frisco, TX every Saturday from 8 am to 11 am in all three systems.

For more training during the week, we offer private one-on-one classes.

Check out our Social Media pages to stay up to date. We post regularly.


Please text 469 988 0981 if you have any further questions.